New article in Global Voices: Difficulty for Journalists in West Africa Pandemic Coverage

Photo Credit: MyJoyOnline. Journalists in Ghana reporting at a COVID-19 funeral in full personal protective equipment. See the hearse in background.

Produced by journalist Jeslyn Lemke, March 19. Published in Global Voices.

West Africa Journalism Guest Speaker Series: Reporting in the Time of COVID


This Spring 2021 lecture series at Pacific University explores how COVID-19 has impacted newsrooms in the West African nations of Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Lectures were facilitated by assistant professor of journalism Dr. Jeslyn Lemke and funded by an Elliott grant from Pacific University.

Watch Guardian journalist Emmanuel Akinwotu’s March 3 lecture here

Watch Agence France Presse journalist Patrick Fort’s March 1 lecture here

Watch Ghanaian journalist Seth Boateng’s Feb. 24 lecture here


Traditional uses of red palm fruit in Ivory Coast: soapmaking and cooking sauce

Produced by journalist Jeslyn Lemke, December 2019. Published with Global Voices. Ivory Coast is a major producer of refined “gold” palm oil sold in Western nations, but Ivoirians use the oily red fruit for many traditional purposes.

Ivory Coast’s Chocolate Waste Spurs Second Industry in Cocoa Butter


Fire Lines

Published with Eugene Weekly.  

More than 600 fire fighters are stationed in Lowell, Oregon to fight the Jones wildfire, which has burned more than 5,400 acres in the Willamette National Forest near Fall Creek since Aug. 13. On Aug. 20, mountain winds blew the fire over Forest Service Road 18, in the direction of the Fall Creek Reservoir. Lundy Elementary School in Lowell and the Dexter Park marina are hosting hundreds of firefighter tents for the duration of this wildfire. Multiple campgrounds and roads throughout the Willamette National Forest are closed because of the Jones Fire, the Whitewater Fire (8,400 acres) and the Rebel Fire (2,600 acres). See our story in an upcoming print issue.

University of Oregon, Distinguished Alumni Speaker Program

Published for UO Graduate School .

Nov. 2, 2017. The Distinguished Alumni Speaker Program (DASP) brings accomplished Grad School alumni back to campus to share what they’ve been up to in the world. This spring, the Grad School welcomed UO graduate alumni Fei Mao and Dennis Liu to deliver lectures for our Distinguished Alumni Speakers Program.